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Matt Binder

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Matt Binder is…

27 years old. a New Yorker. creative. an internet addict.

a techie. a comedian. a blogger. an improvisationalist. a filmmaker. a musician. a domainer. liberal. not PC. an animal lover. a zombie aficionado. an activist. a good boyfriend. nostalgic. sentimental. obsessive compulsive. a bit of a hoarder. a pro wrestling fan. a gamer. a Warcraft 3 junkie. into punk, hardcore & electro.

Matt Binder has…

something to say.

worked in new media, film & music. appeared in a few TV shows & films. a loyal Twitter following who retweets his humor, leading to numerous ‘Top Tweets‘, & was the genius behind the @ShitMyDoddSays Twitter account. been in a few publications. blogged for a few sites. written & directed a number of shorts. played Pete Wentz in a Pete Wentz & Travie McCoy production. played venues such as Irving Plaza, CBGBs & more in his former band IAFC. run punk, hardcore & indie shows at a venue in Manhattan with local & national bands.